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Having an abundant mentality

Contemplating the focus of this blog, I am filled with ideas on how to utilize CRM technology to increase the success of your fund raising efforts. And it is a challenge for me. Will this work? Can I successfully engage others to help fundraising efforts? To successfully implement transformational giving? To learn how to leverage CRM? To develop a great communications strategy? I prayed for direction because the project needs people to participate to be successful. As I prayed about the direction I should take, the word abundance was laid on my heart. Why abundance? It's the difference between a positive mindset and a negative one. God is a god of abundance and not scarcity. As a nonprofit, we believe in abundance. With abundance, we achieve success in our ministry. With God's abundance, we have the time, talent and money to build our programs and be able to do more. We learn appreciation for all we have and hope for the future. I am grateful for this opportunity and believe a positive, encouraging message will be well received.

I hope this blog will help you to see life with abundantly....or have an abundant mentality. That is how I think. When I consult with an organization, I see more - the potential for them to reach new heights. Why? Because I believe and trust in God. He will provide abundantly....more than we could possibly need. And so, abundance drives the success of every cause. And it will drive the success of this blog. God is providing me with this forum to communicate with nonprofits to help realize greater success in fundraising. Thinking abundantly, I hope the readers of this blog will interact with comments and questions. It helps drive the topics I discuss and directs me to the burning issues of the day! Does your communications strategy reflect an abundant mentality? What questions regarding relationship building and marketing do you have? What questions about using CRM or other technology tools do you have? Let me hear from you!

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