Reimagining the Post COVID World Today

Past crises are an excellent predictor of future donor giving trends.  Your ministry has changed and will change more as we begin to emerge from crisis mode to the next new normal.  The ministries that step up their communication and fundraising strategies in recognition of a recovery cycle will not just survive but thrive as the giving environment changes.  I am offering the opportunity to focus on your ministry and assess how ready you are for whatever the new normal brings, based on past crisis giving trends.  We’ll look specifically at your fundraising strategy, donor retention strategy, channel and program migration and communication strategy.  Together we’ll produce a strategic plan that will help your ministry to adapt and pivot as the environment begins to form into a new normal. Please click the button and we will be in 24 hours.

Leverage Your Fall Fundraising Strategy  

Workshop. July 14th at 2:00 pm 

Greenville, SCI